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The internet is a mish-mash of pseudo-legitimate websites, some real and some absolutely bogus. How are we supposed to navigate through the maze when anything can pop up on a major search engine routine search?

I know this doesn’t sound like golf talk, but hopefully this short article will help demystify the process for golfers just looking for their favourite products or wanting to know the specific density of a new golf ball or price tag for a lightweight golf training bag.

The name of the game is tag and yes, it is training for golf enthusiasts.

In the game of tag, the game starts with someone being ‘it’. Now if you’ve seen an eBay advertisement on television, you know they are about the marketing and selling of ‘it’. I’d say they are full of it but that’s another story.

A tag is a word that links a product or idea with other words or groups of words. In other words, a tag for golf might be links or course or training for golf. With a tag ‘training for golf’, a computer search engine will with the speed of light hunt for keyword matches. The problem comes when the keywords matched have nothing to do with the subject matter. You typed in golf in Bermuda and you got a website selling Bermuda shorts.

Understanding Tags

It is bad, but not all that bad. You see, internet advertising is based on tags and keywords and search engine optimization. A lot of the advertising dollars are invested on a pay per click basis, so you can be sure that if you can be made to click on a link … let’s just say the capitalist motive is still strong.

If you understand tags, then training for golf will be enhanced. Just make sure to tag you search or query with the best description you know. For instance, to find a specific article on Tiger Woods, you might type in ‘golfer Tiger Woods December 2005 ranking’. You’ll probably still get some nonsense but a lot of the debris field will be filtered out in this way. If the search gives no results, then you’ll have to be a little more general. Not everything is online, but most things at least have a pointer online.

Tag training for golf is a big subject – keep your cool and do your best; you’re it!

"Learn How to Lengthen Your Drive & Simply Cut Your Handicap by 7-12 Strokes in Just 2 Weeks... Guaranteed!

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