Natural Golf Swing: May Give Better Shot

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You may have heard someone referred to as having a natural golf swing and although it may seem as though they swing easy and strike hard, no one is really born with a natural golf swing. The mechanics of the swing itself is anything but natural, but there is a method of reproducing a golf swing more natural than others.

While the physics of backswing and alignment do not really change that much the grip is probably the best starting point to achieve a natural golf swing. Typically, the club is gripped more by the fingers to offer soft feel of the club in the hands. In natural golf swing techniques, the club is grasped firmly by the hands.

This prevents the club from slipping or rotating during the backswing, downswing and when striking the ball. This can be more beneficial when hitting a ball out of tall grass than off a tee, but it works quite well out of the tee box.

With a natural golf swing a straight-line setup is used to put you in the same position at impact at which you begin during the address. From the top of your shoulder to the club head should be a straight line although your hands on the grip will be slightly forward of your shoulder. The arm closest to the green, the left arm for right-handed hitter, will form a straight line from the shoulder, through the hands to club head.

Better Balance Achieved Naturally

In a natural golf swing stance, the feet are slightly further apart to help attain better balance throughout the swing. It also reduces the unnatural rotation of hips and shoulders, which can wreak havoc on the accuracy of a golf shot. With the reduced hip rotation, striking the ball at impact finds the golfer using a natural golf swing facing the ball as opposed to being in a rotation with the club. This is a significant difference between the natural golf swing and the convention method.

Golf clubs have also been designed for use with the natural golf swing, allowing for a wider stance and the handgrip used with a natural golf swing. Even the grips are different as they are the same diameter their entire length instead of being tapered as conventional grips are. Although you can use conventional clubs with a natural golf swing, having clubs designed for straight-line swinging makes it easier to control the consistency of your drives.

"Learn How to Lengthen Your Drive & Simply Cut Your Handicap by 7-12 Strokes in Just 2 Weeks... Guaranteed!

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