Is Posture The Key To Golf Training?

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There three things of paramount importance for golf training. These are posture, the grip and the alignment of the player. If any of these three factors are lacking, the golf game will suffer. The importance of posture, in particular, is one aspect that most newcomers ignore. This is quite unfortunate because a good golf posture is not very difficult to achieve. It is the key to golf training and you only need to stay focused.

Why Posture Is Considered The Key To Golf Training

Posture is so important because it is so easy to ignore it – with catastrophic results. In fact, maintaining a high quality posture is not difficult at all. Because of this, it does not get the importance it deserves. It is important because the moment you let go of your best (right) posture, everything else in your game will go haywire. A bad posture will influence (negatively) your alignment and your grip as well, resulting in shots that you would rather not have anyone see.

It has been observed time and again, even with pros, that the moment their posture slips, their game suffers. Hence, beginners have to understand that posture is the key to golf training and cultivate a habitual mental note to check their posture time and again, until checking out the posture during the game becomes second nature.

Posture will directly influence the way you grip your swinging club. Hence, if your posture is not correct, no amount of training would really help you in improving your grip. This is because the fault does not lie in the grip, but in the posture, hence, no amount of training and exercise will improve it, while the posture is neglected. This is exactly the same when it comes to the alignment. The quality of the alignment is directly proportionate to the quality of the posture. That’s why it’s the key to golf training.

Hence, the best advice that any beginner golf enthusiast will ever receive is that they should give maximum concentration in achieving a perfect golf posture and work hard in maintaining it. Checking out your posture, alignment and grip – in that order – should become as good as second nature.

Without total control on posture, you will never be able to enter the pro league, no matter how much talent you have, or how much effort you put in your training. This is the most important fundamental aspect that a golf player should master. Once this key to golf training is mastered, the rest will fall into place almost effortlessly. However, without the proper posture, no matter how much you will exercise, you still fall short of the mark.

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