Why Use A Golf Training Tool?

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I never thought of using a golf training tool before today – not consciously anyway. I have however, used a golf tee to clean the dirt clods from my golf shoes. And I do at every opportunity use that fancy ball cleaner with the pump. In fact I regularly polish my golf balls with the handy towel that comes with the ball cleaning station.

This isn’t the kind of golf training tool that most adept golfers would think of. The point here is that most golfers start out as ‘hacks’; learning to play a quality golf game comes only later when some urging force comes into play. That might be a competitive nature, need for good exercise or a desire to gain mastery over something in life.

What Is A Golf Training Tool?

I suppose you might say a golf training tool is anything physical or mechanical that teaches or attempts to improve the golf game or golfing experience. That would then have to include my cell phone. I play golf on it while I wait for my wife at the market.

Video training tapes are great golf training tools, but still are no replacement for actual hands-on experience. Many golf training tools combine a club or monitor or glove with a training video and instruction manual. Make use of them as best you can.

Call The Pro

I am a strange amalgam of independent trailblazer and traditionalist. I highly recommend you go for it whenever the urge comes on. Do thirty-six holes in a day if you think you might survive it. Fly to New Zealand for a day of golf – go ahead! I’ll also tell you to take a guide, talk to the pro – get a guru! Do your research and find the best you can find.

The best golf training tool might also be a friendly teacher that will spend the necessary personal time with you to move you forward toward your personal goal in a timely manner. This first requires setting a practical goal. It will also probably require having patience and then the fitness word comes in to plays its part – some exercise is also required. Fitness will allow you to utilize the golf training tools in a more efficient manner. Determined effort needs momentum and that is built over time. Make a start and move forward slowly and steadily.

"Learn How to Lengthen Your Drive & Simply Cut Your Handicap by 7-12 Strokes in Just 2 Weeks... Guaranteed!

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