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I never thought I’d be proposing the use of a golf training journal, but here I am doing just that. Golf is supposed to be a fun sport – it’s only a game for goodness sake – so why would anyone want to take to writing a golf training journal? I’ll tell you why, but first you have to promise to read on another paragraph or two.

Golf As A Philosophical Expression Of Life

Ok, I’ve said it. If we think of golf as an expression of life – energy, focus, attention, fun, blah, blah, blah – then we can consider that everything we do is just like golf. That might be a lot of fun if you really stop to think about it! We would have to start considering the impact of all of life’s events, like whether the choices of a mid-morning road rage or the sleepy, unconscious drive to work are helping the golf game.

I’m not proposing a serious golf training journal, but a few notes scribbled down after each stressful event in the course of a day. Giving the exercise a golf focus should bring out some interesting thoughts. Now, don’t you think a thought provoking golf training journal might be of significant use? Why do we go out to the golf course anyway? Like most people out there, I like to relax!

Paper Is Cheap

If we were to consider that changing one habit might improve our golf game by ten strokes, I bet we’d at least do that much considering and maybe even give an improvement program a try.

Caution: If a brainstorm comes while driving, please pull over. It would be a shame to splatter that brilliant flash of consciousness all over the highway.

Once you’ve scribbled your first note to yourself, you might as well get a notepad. A golf training journal of only a week might reveal clues to personal struggles that are going on externally. A golf training journal kept over months will reveal those struggles that are recurrent and happening internally. It’s not always a pretty sight but one worth seeing … something about truth and freedom.

My dream golf training journal would have pictures of my favorite course, my devil hole, great scores, a full length story about when I tripped over my shoelaces in front of a hundred onlookers. Get the picture? Go ahead now – it’s your turn and your golf training journal!

"Learn How to Lengthen Your Drive & Simply Cut Your Handicap by 7-12 Strokes in Just 2 Weeks... Guaranteed!

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