Golf Training Exercise Vs The Regular Exercises

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Whenever one hears of exercise, a picture of sweat, pain and hard work is conjured in the mind’s eye. Maybe the picture will match the description and outcome of the regular body-building and muscle-building exercises. However, the same cannot be applied to the golf training exercise. This is because the golf training exercise concentrates only on certain muscles in the body – what is commonly called golf-muscles, and it is not so intensive.

Different Needs, Different Outcomes

There are a lot of differences between these two types of exercises, because the requirements are different. Hence, the outcomes are different too. When training for body building, the aim and outcome would be to enhance each and every muscle in the body. Hence, the exercises prescribed here will have to focus on building all the muscles in the body.

The golf training exercise outcome is different, because the need is different. A golfer would not need to be muscular to play golf well. He/she will need to have strong lower back muscles, flexibility for rotating his/her body in one flow while swinging the club to hit the golf ball, extreme stamina to walk kilometers without tiring and without allowing aches or spasms attack his/her legs and/or back muscles, and so on. Hence, the golf training exercise would focus in building the muscles in these areas.

The stamina and strength of the people who train as body-builders or weight-lifters, and those who train for golfers is also very different. In the former type, a massive spurt of energy and strength is required, while for golfers the stamina has to last over a long period of time maintaining the same level of energy and concentration from the start to the end of the golf game. Hence, the golf training exercise needed for stamina would be different from that of the weight-lifter or body-builder.

The best difference, which will actually motivate many beginner golfers to be enthusiastic about their exercise, is that golf training exercise needs very little time comparing to the other regular types of exercising. You can do the golf exercises in your lunch break at office, or at home before retiring for bed, and so on.

There are many other things than distinguish one type of exercise from the other. However, there are similarities as well. Both types of exercises require total commitment and discipline. You will not get any positive results if your efforts are sporadic and noncommittal with either of the regimes.


"Learn How to Lengthen Your Drive & Simply Cut Your Handicap by 7-12 Strokes in Just 2 Weeks... Guaranteed!

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