Golf Swing Trainer: Improves Swing Dynamics

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There is only one way to improve a golf swing and that is by practice. Hitting balls on the driving range never seems to be as hard as transferring what you learned onto the golf course and is even tougher in your back yard. A golf swing trainer may be a useful item to have with you.

While no one advocates the expense of having a teaching pro follow you around on the golf course telling what you are doing wrong, there are golf swing trainer devices available to practice in your backyard.

There is a golf swing trainer that resembles a tetherball pole with an attached bungee cord. Your club attaches to the end of the cord and will only travel so far to help you maintain a consistent arc to your swing. While it may help your swing slightly, it is not portable and you may have found that every time you travel to the links your swing may be a little different.

Another type of golf swing trainer are the breakaway-hinged clubs. Typically, they are available in a five iron and a driver and have hinges in specific points that cause the club to “break” if not swung properly. Either in the take away, the backswing or the downswing and nearing impact, if anything in the swing is off, the hinges come undone giving you instant feedback on your swing. The advantage to the golf swing trainer is that is the same size and weight of a golf club and can be used on the practice tee before the first hole to the feel for your swing.

Some Advocate Muscle Memory Equipment

Other golf swing trainer equipment may look like huge circles of PVC pipe, and are intended to help you learn the proper swing. By keeping the club head between to circular and parallel pieces of pipe, you can feel the swing needed for proper impact with the ball. While muscle memory techniques are relatively new to golf swing trainer devices, they can help develop good swinging habits.

The best golf swing trainer out there is practice. Professionals achieve their low scores because they do play every day. While most weekend duffers do not share that luxury, A golf swing trainer can help develop a good golf swing, but it will be practice with it, or without it, that will make you a better player on the course.

"Learn How to Lengthen Your Drive & Simply Cut Your Handicap by 7-12 Strokes in Just 2 Weeks... Guaranteed!

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