Giving Golf Swing Tip May Confuse Partner

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Everyone who has ever played the game of golf more than once, has a golf swing tip guaranteed to help your game. Whether it is to eliminate a slice or hook or add distance to the ball, every golf swing tip has some basis in discovery. Meaning it worked for the tipster it has to work for you.

The three main areas of concern in any golf swing tip is consistency, consistency and consistency. It takes practice to learn to hit the ball a long distance and straight and when you finally figure out how to do that, practice hitting the ball the same way consistently. After all, that is what the professional golfers do.

One golf swing tip that may confuse people is telling them that the backswing speed and the downswing speed should be the same. While there is a certain degree of truth to that, they may think, that since they really want to drive the ball with a really fast downswing, speeding up their backswing will help. In reality, during the take away lifting the club before beginning the back swing will ruin a good attempt as fast as any other part of the game.

Most pros offer the golf swing tip to first line up the club with the ball and then slowly draw it back into the backswing. With the weight going towards the back foot, the hips and shoulders rotating into the swing when the hips stop, the shoulders should continue to rotate without allowing the hands to become loose.

Change to Downswing Should Be Even

Many golfers believe that by beginning the downswing with the legs will increase club speed, thereby increasing the drive’s distance. Others start the downswing by pulling with the left arm. Pros off the golf swing tip that the transition of backswing to downswing should be one fluid motion with no detectable stop at the top.

Another good golf swing tip involves the follow through. While it may seem more natural to end the swing with the club following a circular path, the club should follow the ball of the tee, at least for the first few inches. That will help set the direction in which the ball will travel.

Perhaps the best golf swing tip most golfers agree on is to not think too much on approach. They recommend a grip-it and rip-it attitude to improve your swing as well as your score.

"Learn How to Lengthen Your Drive & Simply Cut Your Handicap by 7-12 Strokes in Just 2 Weeks... Guaranteed!

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