Golf Swing Speed can Determine Flight of Ball

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Are you aware that when you swing a golf club it can be traveling fast enough to get a speeding ticket on most freeways in the country? About 85 miles per hour is the average golf swing speed a weekend golfer’s driver is going when it makes contact with the ball. This sends the ball shooing into the air at about 100 miles per hour two feet off the club.

Professional golfers have typically a golf swing speed of about 100 to 110 miles per hour, generating a ball traveling at near 140 miles per hour as it leaves the tee and long-ball hitters generally generate 125 mile per hour club speeds with the ball moving at about 160 miles per hour two feet off the tee. Now that is quick.

The physical size of the golfer has no bearing on how far he hits the ball. Distance is determined by the golf swing speed along with a few other mechanics involved in the swing such as balance and form. While not every golfer that hits the long ball is overly large, the impact they can place on the ball is huge. They have learned how to remain balanced through the entire swing process to generate as much club speed as possible and still maintain their accuracy.

Mechanics Help Improve Speed

Keeping in mind that it is not how long you hit the ball it is how you hit it long that will determine the accuracy of your shot. By forcing the club through the downswing, you may actually slow the golf swing speed at impact. Additionally, there will most likely be a loss of control by trying to over power the strike sending the ball into an unpredictable direction.

By practicing a smooth, slow take away leading into a slow and easy backswing will make the downswing easier to control. Beginning the downswing without any noticeable stop at the top allows the club to maintain the plane on which it was raised. This helps control the speed of the downswing and allows the weight of the club to carry it down, increasing the golf swing speed as it travels through the plane to hit the ball at the point at which the club started.

By learning to control the golf swing speed instead of trying to force it faster, you will see more accurate and longer shots off the tee.


"Learn How to Lengthen Your Drive & Simply Cut Your Handicap by 7-12 Strokes in Just 2 Weeks... Guaranteed!

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