Your Game can Take off With the Correct Golf Swing Plane

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Most golfers never give a thought about the golf swing plane and, in fact, many of the casual golfers have never heard of such a thing. To them a plane is a noisy distraction flying overhead in the middle of an important putt. However, back in the middle, 1970’s Ben Hogan came upon the idea of a golf swing plane and the results are documented in many PGA record books.

The simplistic view of a golf swing plane is that the club should track the same plane coming down as it did going up. As simple as it sounds, many golfers ignore that concept with inconsistent results. There are numerous ways to improve the golf swing plane including through muscle memory or computer analysis of the golfer’s swing. The method that seems to get the best results is practice.

Muscle memory is fairly new to the golf scene, as most people believe they can hit the ball the same by simply hitting it often. The problem is most golfers stand upright during their swing, lessening their chance of staying in balance during the swing, and being forced to make adjustments on the downswing. The golf swing plane they exhibit is usually on two levels causing the club to hit the ball differently.

Proper Alignment, Balance Dictate Consistency

If a golfer wants to hit the ball, the same way every time, they must swing the club the same way every time and without being in the proper golf swing plane that just is not going to happen. Having to make adjustments while bringing the club down would require different adjustments be made on each swing. In order to maintain the proper golf swing plane the golfer must be balanced.

By spreading the feet slightly more the normal, balance can be maintained throughout the swing. Practice will ensure the swing does not turn into a rocking motion and that being slightly closer to the ground, the club head is not buried in the dirt behind the ball. It may be necessary to adjust the distance from the ball as well as adjusting the rotation of the hips and shoulders. In order to maintain balance and the proper position over the ball, hips rotation is not as pronounced in what is termed a regular swing.

It should also be realized that developing a better golf swing plane is not a goal achievable in a number of weeks, rather in can tale years to perfect.


"Learn How to Lengthen Your Drive & Simply Cut Your Handicap by 7-12 Strokes in Just 2 Weeks... Guaranteed!

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