Golf Swing Analyzer: Shows Where you Need Improvement

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Golf instructors have been using a form of high tech golf swing analyzer for years to help golfers improve their swing to make better contact with the ball and lower their scores. Computer generated images can be used to show the golfer which part of his swing mechanics need to improve to better their game.

Computer software has been designed as a golf swing analyzer to compare the images entered into the computer to a base “normal” image and make note of the differences. The computer software will look at alignment of the golfer when they address the ball, which also helps detects the golfer’s balance. It will track the swing plane to ensure the club tracks the same on the backswing and downswing.

The golf swing analyzer will track the movement of the head, hips and knees throughout the swing as well as spine angle, shaft angles, club and hand track. It will review the timing of the swing as well as the club head speed, detailing the ball angle and ball speed at launch off the tee. The instructor can use the information from the golf swing analyzer to show a golfer where the mechanics of their game needs to improve.

Information Helps to fix Swing Problems

A golfer taking swing lessons and reviewing results from a golf swing analyzer understands there are problems with their swing or they probably would not be there. They also know it is going to take practice to fix their swings and based on the information from the golf swing analyzer they can head to range and begin working on their problems.

Since the golf swing is the most basic part of the game, the golf swing analyzer can put the problems into picture form to better explain what changes need to be made. Most people can see the deficiencies in their swing better than they can be told. Additionally, they can take the pictures with them to the driving range to fix what seems to be broken in their swing.

The golf swing analyzer can also be used to help golfers work on their putting stroke as well. Projecting the line the ball will take from its position to the hole is important, but if the putter is pushing the ball to one side when putting, knowing the line will not help. The golf swing analyzer can show the putter’s plane through the backstroke as well the shaft position at time of impact to see if the putter face hits the ball square on impact.

"Learn How to Lengthen Your Drive & Simply Cut Your Handicap by 7-12 Strokes in Just 2 Weeks... Guaranteed!

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