Is Golf Course Management Training For You?

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With the sport of golf growing at an ever increasing speed, training for a career in golf course management is a lucrative and tempting field in today’s marketplace.

Coursework can be had in several areas that relate to golf, but golf course management training looks to be a solid career choice as the golf industry remains one of the hottest career fields and perhaps will be for the next decade. Based on current trends and an aging population that tends to enjoy sports and leisure activities, golf clubs and courses stand to be in and around the center of retirement community development. .

Golf Course Management Training

When considering the elements of any venture, it is good advice to explore the marketplace. This too works for considering a career or career change. Training related to golf courses and their management are broken up into two distinct fields – professional golfer and golf course manager.

Golf Pro

Becoming a PGA approved professional golfer is accomplished via multiple routes – as three year working assistant at a PGA approved site with ongoing studies or by successfully completing a BA/BS program in Golf Management Studies. Either way, membership in the PGA is highly suggested as is tour play in smaller tournaments, domestic and international.

This avenue of pro golfer is designed to elevate game playing skills while enhancing all game related areas. Highly business oriented, the modern professional golfer literally enters golf course management training as novice and comes out a pro!

You may have noticed there are also lots of product endorsements in the golf industry.

Golf Course Manager

The golf course manager is a professional business man. The job might call on the manager to deal with every aspect of golf course or country club business. Golf course management training is college level coursework. A working certificate can be gained in under two years, but typically it is a highly honed four year business degree program.

The course curriculum is both specific and expansive, dealing with everything from computer programming, marketing and club repair to golf rules and handicaps to banquets requirements and event planning.

To conclude, it is apparent that golf, golf courses, gold equipment and golf course management training are all part of a very big and growing business centered around country club living. Catering to a growing customer base, the golf course manager is both business manager and professional golf consultant. PGA Pro status is one level, while touring pro is another option.



"Learn How to Lengthen Your Drive & Simply Cut Your Handicap by 7-12 Strokes in Just 2 Weeks... Guaranteed!

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