Golf Club Swing Weights: Make Clubs Feel Lighter

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Similar to the type baseball player’s use prior to stepping up to the plate, golfers can use golf club swing weights to help make their clubs feel light when they swing at the ball. That is not the only factor in making the club feel lighter, however as golf club swing weights also help build up the specific muscles used in golf.

In the game of golf, the swing involves probably the most unnatural muscle use and movement in the game. By helping to strengthen them you can help make the swing a more natural endeavor since the muscles will become toned to make the movement. Whether you use the type that resembles small rings or a wrap-around weighted cloth is not important. What is important is having them on your club and swinging it as you normally would.

There are also weighted clubs for practicing which make the golf club swing weights more portable to be carried with you and used whenever time, and space, permits. Once the extra weight comes off the club, however you feel the difference in your swing when attacking a ball on the tee or in the fairway.

Club Sets Should all be Weighted the Same

The weight of your clubs helps in defining your swing rhythm and balance. All clubs should be about the same weight so have the same feel when you are swinging, regardless of the club selection. The golf club swing weights are different than club weight, which is simply how much the club weighs, typically expressed in grams.

Swing weight is how much the club weighs when it reaches the impact point on the downswing. To help understand exactly what golf club swing weight is, and how it differs from club weight, add a two-pound weight to one of your clubs. It doesn’t matter where on the club you add the weight, whether at the club head, in the middle of the shaft or near the grip. The club will weight three pounds no matter where it sits.

With the weight still attached, swing the club. Place the weight in the same three positions and swing the club as though swinging at a ball. With the extra two pounds at the club head you will feel that golf club swing weights are different than the club weight. golf club swing weights can also help build the club-swinging muscles as help define the plane of your swing.


"Learn How to Lengthen Your Drive & Simply Cut Your Handicap by 7-12 Strokes in Just 2 Weeks... Guaranteed!

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