Correct Golf Swing: Will Work to Improve Your Game

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Since it is an accepted notion there is no such thing as a perfect golf swing, people should concentrate on perfecting their correct golf swing. Watching the professional on television should make you see that there is no single method to successfully hit a golf ball hundreds of yards and keep it in the fairway.

Watching 50 golfers have a great game will show 50 different types of swings, but another thing it will show is that each time those 50 golfers hit the ball; they consistently hit it the same way. Perhaps the swing looks uncomfortable or unorthodox, but it will be the same swing every time. They have found the correct golf swing that works for them and they use it consistently.

Typically, when people swing a golf club for the first time, they wield the golf club like a baseball bat and try to hit the ball over the fence. Unfortunately, that is where it will usually go. Except on most golf courses, a fence will sit in front of a section of woods. With no training, a new golfer finding the correct golf swing will take time. The game has been touted as a day to learn and a lifetime to master and considering all the new training aids on the market every year, it still has not been mastered.

Correction Made one Game at a Time

What can be disheartening to newer golfers are the inconsistencies with which they hit the ball. The correct golf swing calls for them to be balanced and to swing the club the same way every time. While most may believe they are doing just that, the reality is they may be emulating someone else’s swing and have not defined their own correct golf swing. How you move through the process is a good start in defining your swing.

What works for one person probably will not be right for another, even if they are of the same size and weight due to each individual’s mechanics and flexibility. Being able to swing the club consistently only works when the correct golf swing has been defined and then any problems noted can be fixed. Each different way a club is handled will offer its own opportunities so until a golfer develops their own correct golf swing, fixes cannot be effected because they never know which swing is going to show up on the golf course.

"Learn How to Lengthen Your Drive & Simply Cut Your Handicap by 7-12 Strokes in Just 2 Weeks... Guaranteed!

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